Tuesday, October 7, 2008

As a Progressive Traditionalist...

... I'm finally taking a good hard look at OD&D. And Chainmail.

I won't bog down my blog as the latest in a long line to flog this dead hog, but I will link all my latest think over here, and I ask you to take a look and offer suggestions so I can get all my thoughts in sync and make sure the project doesn't stink.



  1. Progressive Traditionalist ... I kinda like that, despite the whole labeling/packaging/political correctness theme about it.




  2. I ended up ditching OD&D and just running AD&D 1st ed, which is more or less a compilation of the OD&D rules in one place. I cut some of the things out that I didn't like, too, which helped. Only humans can be clerics, Dwarves may only be fighters, Elves may only be fighters or magic users (or multi-class), no halflings, gnomes or half-orcs. It took a lot of the "elves and dwarves are just another human-like race with their own diverse cultures" crap out of the equation, and placed religion solely in the hands of human beings, which fits my personal gaming cosmology. It's super-old school now, and runs better than OD&D by itself.