Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reasonable Dedication to a Hobby II

I am naïve . I admit it. Remember this? "And it looks like there will be a second date," indeed.

Anyway, not one to be deterred by such setbacks, I've continued on my search for a Dolm woman to take to hex 2511...

... uh, I mean, continued on my search for pleasant company of the non-penised variety.

I should start a whole new blog for that, for sure. Some of these people are

Anyway, one found me via my OKCupid profile (warning: Sanity checks all around if you click that link) and we had our first date right around the time the Carcosa scandal was blowing up. So guess what was on my mind to talk about?

"I can't believe these people have a problem with some guy writing about ritual rape and murder in the context of demonic summoning! It boils my blood!" And we still managed a second date. And another. And things continue to go well.

(well, I'm jinxing it now by
telling people about it... but anyway...)

But with my Sunday gaming being the only real social activity I do besides tricking people into going out on dates with me, I tend to talk about it... a little bit.

Yeah, I'm one of
those guys. Really though... did you have any doubt?

So this girl seems to have no concept of the Role-Playing Game. Meaning that while I'm expressing my theories in brilliant and most eloquent ways, she's just hearing "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

That must change. But... what to do? Invite her to the game? Hell... that sounds like an awful idea. I mean, there's a reason the girls playing in my campaign haven't been dying to see me the other six days of the week, right?

But... one of my players has a nice big stash of old Mentzer D&D stuff...
the Finnish translations. And that includes a well-worn (ahem) copy of the Basic set's Players Manual, which includes no less than two rather excellent tutorials. So I've borrowed that, and will be letting my penisless companion borrow it, and some dice, so she can go through the tutorials and have a bit of understanding about what a "Role-Playing Game" actually is.

I'll bet you 10€ that she'll just hear, "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah," after that anyway. ;)


  1. I'm no chick but your profile on OKCupid is pure gold!

  2. Well, I know this is against all the old-fashioned rpg style this blog is about, but there is a rpg brand that had lots of female followers: Vampire the Masquerade.

    And there must be a reason for that... so why not letting her a copy of the manual and throw a game of it?

    *Rolling to dodge any hard and point objects being hurled to him*

  3. dont mix romance & rpgs

    thats YOUR thing, let
    her enjoy HER things

    how would you feel if she invited you for a pedicure
    or gave YOU an ABBA collection?

  4. Compartmentalisation can be difficult to do, and I know you prefer to be "up front and everything at once". Explaining RPGs to my girlfriend was hard going, and the Japan/English language barrier was also a problem.

    She was familiar with the idea of CRPGs, which made things a bit easier, but in the end it was a gradual process of occasional explanation and actual participation (in a small group to begin with) that familiarised her with RPGs.

  5. >>how would you feel if she invited you for a pedicure or gave YOU an ABBA collection?

    I agree that everyone needs their own space, but both parties should be able to talk about their interests and be understood. If she wants to give me a pedicure and listen to ABBA with her... I can take one (or two) for the team. :D