Monday, October 27, 2008

Am I the only one...

... who saw this and immediately wondered, "But can I run a Carcosa campaign with it?"


  1. Lol. We should now start flame about kids as PC. All those bloody Demogorgons, succubus, erinyes and other gygaxian occult perversion on the road to glory. Not to mention robbing treasures from Barbie-Nymph and Ken-Beholder. ;)

  2. Jim. What is your opinion on this new online AD&D 4th ed. 'GameTable', that effecitlvely allows you to find people online to play with and go through a graphical campaign. (

    There are parts about it that I like. It would be nice to be able to fairly easy to play with. However, some of the best parts of roleplaying and playing D&D is imagining the world you are in and the flexibility. Certainly you can still imagine the world when graphics appear on screen, but its a restriction. Also, I'm guessing it will limit the ability of a GM to respond to unperceived actions by players.

    For example, say a player sudden decides 'I want to start digging.' Can the DM respond to that effectively with this? Can the DM say 'As you get to 3 feet down the bottom suddenly falls out from under you. {rolls} You fall through the cavern unable to brace yourself. You hit the ground hard with your shoulder, but the pain doesn't seem nearly as important as the pair of umberhulk eyes staring at you.

    I doubt it. Also it would probably be much easier for a DM to kick somebody out of his 'campaign' who doesn't RP the way the DM wants him to.

    I'm probably going to give it a shot though. I haven't even looked at the new 4th edition rules. For all I know they are decent. Though I still have fond memories of D&D and AD&D 2nd edition.

  3. >>Jim. What is your opinion on this new online AD&D 4th ed. 'GameTable'

    I don't do online games.

  4. >>We should now start flame about kids as PC.

    When I first heard about this thing (around the same time as the Carcosa flare-up) I was thinking about doing a rant against the influx of children and try to make it a cross between A Modest Proposal and an RPG Pundit "You don't want furries joining YOUR group, do you?" scare-style rant.

    But then I thought that it would take too much time, nobody would get it, and really, who the hell cares. I think the idea is ridiculous, but it's no skin off my back either way that it exists or if it succeeds and the point of my theoretical rant would have seemed like a criticism of the product which wouldn't have been my intent at all.

  5. No, you're not alone, but I didn't voice it because I didn't feel like being a target in the ongoing witch hunt. (Did it ever finish?)