Sunday, June 26, 2011

There's Dungeons Down Under Stole My Morning, or Lessons for/from Bloggers Part 1

Dammit, if you're promising a three part series, and part two comes pretty much exactly a day after part one, you need to have part three ready around that same time on the following day!

It's just about 4pm here and I'm wearing out this refresh button. Get with it!


  1. So when this practice was more common I went to the effort of memorising oHg5S so that I would not fall victim to any fiendish shenannigans.

    Today, I clicked it anyway. Much love.

  2. Be nice to me, yesterday was a write-off. My slackness has been corrected. :-)

  3. @ Austrodavicus, great series!

    @ Jim, I appreciate your posting this as both a publisher and gamer. I recently bought Grindhouse Edition and am happy to consider myself a new fan.