Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kiss of the Frog God Out Now in Print and PDF!

Postmortem Studios stepped up and released the first third-party adventure for LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing.

The PDF is available from RPGNow here.

A print version from Lulu is available here.


  1. Frog God? Sounds very interesting!

  2. Looks pretty cool, the Lulu price is very low, under 6 bucks, so this is an easy buy.

    It comes with maps and monster tokens which is strange for an Oe compatible product but what the hell.

  3. The whole line does that and people do still like to use maps and miniatures so to keep line consistency it's best to keep it in and the option's there for people who want it. If nothing else, adds atmosphere.

  4. I purchased my copy and it's a nice little servicable adventure.

    Of course, being the antinomian that I am, I find the enemy to be sympathetic and, unless playing the pre-made characters, would probably snafu the whole scenario by acting completely contrary to the 'goal' of the scenario.

    But that would be interesting too.

    For $1.99 I definitely feel that I 1) got my money's worth; and 2) have an interesting insight as to how others are seeing James' game.

  5. @Osskorrei, I intended for it to be that way. That was my whole scheme. There is also a way to snafu the whole thing by just reading the pregens back stories and a little of game background and a little thinking for a minute. Don't want to spoil to much, so if you want me to spill it contact me. :)

  6. @the crazy GM: DOH!: The penny just dropped! (I'm sure it would have been more apparent once played as opposed to just reading it).

    That's very cool and I further recommend the adventure!

  7. I just received my print copy from Lulu. First impression: It looks great. I'll read through it tonight.