Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It only took a few minutes into layout training to be humbled, haha. "Oh god, what crap have I done?" But one can't learn and get better if one can't acknowledge one's own shortcomings and talk about oneself using the word "one" a lot.

Interesting looking at various RPG books throughout history and seeing different styles and influences and theories as to why they looked as they do and how they are "proper" or not.

So yeah, this is already a worthwhile trip, and after three days of this hopefully I'll have the tools to make the next releases be noticeably better looking than the previous ones.

Now we're taking a break to play Space Hulk.


  1. Wow Jim, you are getting training? I admire your humility and initiative. Not resting on your laurels at all, very impressive.

    What programs are you being trained on?

  2. We're using InDesign for the demonstrations, but we're really talking technique and the nuts and bolts of layout and typography rather than approaching this like a software tutorial.

  3. Yeah, Dude - what @Greg said. I realize that you're a professional game designer, not an amateur, but I really respect that you're getting training in something that might not really interest you all that much just for the sake of making your "business" better. That's really admirable.


  4. Considering that you've already produced better and better layouts just using your instincts, brains and increasing experience, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you'll do with formal training.

    Thanks for working so hard to make better and better stuff for us to enjoy!