Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Back - Service Resumes As Normal

399 emails in the inbox. whew. Most of those message board and blog comment reply notifications, but still.

I'll get to all the emails by tomorrow night I think.

Orders will resume mailing on Monday, so go buy those newly stocked XRP titles! :D

Feel free to continue your debates here and elsewhere, no reason to stop because it's the weekend. :D

Actual news:

This week there will likely be a change to how the store handles orders to France. There seems to be a problem with orders going there getting lost in the mail, and I know I'm not the one screwing up so many orders to one particular country. I'll need to consult with my post office this week. Might require French orders to get order tracking (which will cost a bit more) or, worst case scenario, I just discontinue taking orders from France. Yes, that many orders are getting lost and I'm bleeding money because of it. I'll make a post dedicated to the subject when I know more.


  1. Putting on my publisher hat, I'll note that I've had this same issue with French orders mailed from Finland - they lose an inordinate amount of product on the way. Let me know if you find out the reason, I'm rather interested.

  2. "Might require French orders to get order tracking"

    This should do the trick.

    "they lose an inordinate amount of product on the way"

    To make it short : lots of deregulation, privatisation and downsizing. The few postmen that remain are swamped or dumb as a sack of rock (you won't believe what happened to some of my orders).

    Finland : I order a lot from Nobleknight and had but two problems with 25+ orders. Same with orders from Hong Kong, Germany or Spain. I don't know, maybe french authorities declared Finland products as potentialy harmful ^^. But yes seriously there seem to be a problem specific to orders from Finland.

    What seems to do the trick :

    Tracking orders : these seem to work well so far. I don't bother paying more for shipping and I think I'm not the only one in that case.

    Business adress : when shipped to a business adress, orders seem to arrive more regularly.

  3. The French postal system is notorious for being useless and, as it so sadly is the custom in my dear country, often striking here or there.
    Don't trust them. Ever. Not even if your life depended on it.
    Treat them with as much suspicion and mistrust as the Americans had for the Soviets.

  4. Hi James-- a little United States order feedback for you.

    You might want to start putting a "do not fold" notice on your envelopes. My copy of Vornheim arrived today, but it was folded nearly in half. The binding was broken, the cover pretty much ruined. Especially considering the cover itself is supposed to be used as a game aid, it's a very disappointing thing to have happened.

  5. It takes malicious intent to crack a frickin hardcover book like that. Complain loudly to the manager at your local post office.

    Also, send me an email with your order # and I'll get a replacement out to you.