Friday, August 6, 2010

Non-LotFP OSR Bundle Offer for Europeans!

The wife wants this space cleared out!

New, not used items.

300€ including taxes and shipping for the lot - email me at if interested:

From Fight On!:
Compendium #2 (Issues 5-8) Limited Edition hardcover

From Mythmere/Black Blade:
Eldritch Weirdness Compilation Books Three to One
Ice Tower of the Salka
Knockspell #1
Knockspell #2
Knockspell #3
Knockspell #4
Mythmere's Adventure Design Deskbook Volume Two: Monsters
The Spire of Iron and Crystal

From Pied Pier Publishing:
Dungeon Set #1
Dungeon Set #2

From Northwind Publishing:
Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent

XRP's Advanced Adventures line:
AA1 The Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom
AA2 The Red Mausoleum
AA3 The Curse of the Witch Head
AA4 The Prison of Meneptah
AA5 The Flaming Footprints of Jilanth
AA6 The Chasm of the Damned
AA7 The Sarcophagus Legion
AA8 The Seven Shrines of Nav'k-Qar
AA9 The Lost Pyramid of Imhotep (banged up corner)
AA10 The Lost Keys of Solitude (uneven binding)
AA11 The Conqueror Worm
AA12 The Barrow Mound of Gravemoor
AA13 White Dragon Run
AA14 The Verdant Vault of Malakum

From RC Pinnell:
BB1 The Pearl of Pirate's Cove
G4 Sanctum of the Stone Giant Lord (Anniversary Edition)
G5 Curse of the Cloud Giant Queen
G6 The Forge of the Fomorian Smith Lord


  1. I'd love it if Fight On! would make the compendiums available again. Still waiting out here in CA for my box set to get into my grubby hands.

  2. Might be interested in the first issue of Knockspell.

  3. I already bought a fair share of that stuff from Jim, and have been familiarizing myself with it for our lil' webstore. That's a pretty fair price on the lot, although I admittedly have a hard time imagining the hardcore gamer who needs that much stuff - it'd take me 15 years to play through it all with my recent schedules.

    I've been reading this stuff, and I have to say that I'm pretty fond of the Advanced Adventures line. It's totally geeky AD&D fantasy, but it's high quality and I like the dungeon designs, and they have plenty of individual flavour - not mere hackjobs, which was my first thought when I saw how many of them there is. Some are even pretty metal, as far as AD&D goes - an adventure called "Conqueror Worm" simply can't miss, I have to say. The lack of low-level adventures in the line-up is the biggest weakness, as I'm not hardcore enough about D&D to even dream of getting a group up to level 8 to play some of these.

    Fight On! is also excellent, of course - I didn't like Knockspell as much, but both are easily worth the price of admission.

    Jim: I'm in the process of putting this stuff up in the webstore. I don't really expect a massive sales peak, but I'll be in touch if I can take more of that stuff off your hands. I'm sort of hoping that those Advanced Adventures modules would find some homes in Finland, they deserve to have some attention.

  4. Sorry, but I own every single item on the list... ;-)