Monday, August 9, 2010

New LotFP Stuff on Sale from US Vendors; PDFs on Sale Too!

The Weird Fantasy Role-Playing box set, Hammers of the God, and the new Death Frost Doom printing, are available from Noble Knight and FRPGames right now; IPR and Troll and Toad very soon, I do believe as soon as they are done processing the shipments. More to come on this front, and remember your local game store can order it from Warpath Games (or IPR if they are in the IPR retailer program!).

Sphärenmeisters Spiele sold out of their first batch of the box, and more are on their way. Copies are also screaming towards Leisure Games so keep a look out there as well.

In Finland the boxes remain available from all the places listed there on the upper right.

If you find LotFP material for sale at any shop, physical or online, that isn't listed over there on the right, let me know and I'll add it!

The PDFs are available right now from RPGNow and Your Games Now, and will be available from Paizo and IPR as soon as they get all get back from Gencon and do their processing.

The free PDF versions of the Rules and Magic books are available here. The free version is art-free (covers included though!); the for-sale PDF has all the material included in the physical box. The PDFs are laid out in single-column A5 format, handy for viewing on your newfangled ebook things, or so I'm told.


  1. Glad to see Noble Knight carrying it. I ordered mine from them yesterday.

  2. Ditto a-la Noble Knight.

    However, was disturbed by lack of true presence at GENCON! We looked...

  3. I was going nuts trying to find the core rules on RPGNow, and then I finally figured out that it was getting filtered out because I hadn't checked the "I am at least 18" box in my account settings. Such a huge fuss over some tiny little boobies :)

  4. The Referee Book in PDF is worth the price of admission by itself ;)

  5. Thanks for putting up the free PDFs, James. Very handy, and it takes away an excuse to run LL instead. ^_^ They’re readable on the iPhone and beautiful on the iPad.