Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back from Humppila (and Reviews!)

Yeah, I was in Humppila since Sunday, without any internet connection. We traveled all over empty parts of Finland, visiting places called Krapuranta and Vampula.

Rural Finland is odd.

Anyway, I'm back and glad to see that the non-priority orders are starting to arrive in mailboxes.

Some reviews have also popped up! There's this review of the box at Rolang's Creeping Doom, and Tenkar's Tavern looks at different things here, here, and here. Have their been any others?

Any else I've missed? Big release announcements, the newest flame war I'll be needing to fan, stuff like that?


  1. Only this:

    Hope you had a good time!

  2. Welcome back. Received my box-set, great job! Already ran my players through the Tower of the Stargazer. 8 fatalities so far. :)

  3. James, thanks for the plugs ;)

    I'll try and get another part up tonight. Seriously tho, you should put some serious thought into marketing the Referee Book as a stand alone piece of work. It certainly stands on its own.


    Can you tell I just got mine?!

    Feels like Christmas!

    Thank you Mr. Raggi! I can't wait to dive in and explore! I'll be sure to post my impressions on my own blog!

  5. P.S. James, sorry for being such a pain in the arse with my impatient comments!

  6. James, excellent piece of work. I totally agree that the self contained "game in a box" is the best way to introduce people to the hobby. I feel like buying more copies to give to my friend's children.