Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sick Day

The got icky-poo, and gave it to me, so we had to cancel our appearance at a show last night (and I was on the guest list... *sigh*) and cancel today's game.

On the plus side, I should have the latest (complete!) rules document for the game up by the time I leave for my business class tomorrow. I can't miss that class... it's all about market advantage and hanging out naked with other businessmen in steam rooms. At least that's what last week was all about, and this is the second part of that presentation. (Finland is weird)

Just to make sure this isn't a completely wasted post, and because I haven't said something oh so highly controversial in days, I now give you two more songs by way of Youtube. I call this "An Old-Schooler's Reaction to 3e and 4e, in Musical Form."




  1. Those are some antagonistic clips there - why are you doing this to us? What did we do to deserve this?

  2. whoah, this is awesome weirdness. like when Brutal Truth did that weird rave thing in the '90s. very goofy weird stuff!

  3. Yeah, does this mean 3e lights your fire but 4e is like a bad youtube video?

  4. I'm still more of a Pasi Koskinen-era Amorphis fan.

  5. Tales from the thousand lakes