Monday, February 1, 2010

More Info on the Box

I found a box around the house that's the same type of box as I'll be using for the game. Of course this one isn't the exact same size (and mine will be thinner), but the material and the format is identical.

It's damn sturdy. (and ha! Wifebutt in the background!)

I'd also like to talk about some of the people helping out with the project. I've talked a bit already about the artists who will be involved (Jalo, Mayle, Mullen, Münch, Sheppard), but in some cases I'm having real people be used for reference for some of the art pieces.

For the cover of the box, there will be a Flame Princess vs. Snake Demon thing going on. Exactly how it will end up remains to be decided, but...

Luz de Luna Duran will be the snake demon:

Marjut Mykkänen will be the Flame Princess:

Laura Jalo is doing photo work for the magic book cover in addition to doing interior art. The model for that shot will be Karoliina Valli:

It's an interesting experiment (to me, at least) to do this sort of thing, and I hope it turns out well. I have two goals for the look of the final product: To look good (not just good, but good), and to look different. Working with other people along the way is a big plus and an inspiration, as writing can sometimes take my natural hermetical tendencies to unhealthy extremes.

This just in - I found a great deal on dice, one that will reduce the cost of the project from more than one angle. I had been worried - aside from the art and the box itself, the dice were going to be most expensive part of the whole thing. There was also the issue that realistically I don't have the market penetration to reach brand new people, so all of my customers would have dice already, so why include them? With this, I'll still be able to say "Everything you need to play," and the gaming veterans most likely to buy this just might get a set of dice unlike any in their collection. Photos when they arrive.

The pencils have been ordered and are on the way as well, if I hadn't mentioned that. Two ingredients down! Many more (including, you know, content... argh!) to go!

(If you've sent me an email in the past couple of whenevers and I haven't gotten back to you... I've read it, it's still in my inbox, don't worry, I'm not ignoring you permanently. Bug me on one of the IM platforms for instant response!)

And that's the news!


  1. Cool, man, I am looking forward to seeing and then buying the finished product. Thank you for keeping us all posted.

  2. my natural hermetical tendencies

    The word you are looking for is "eremitical." :)

  3. This... is going to rule.

  4. >>The word you are looking for is "eremitical." :)

    Well crap. I knew it sounded funny, but it was showing up as an adjective form of "hermit" on one of the online dictionaries. Great, dictionaries are as reliable as Wikipedia.

    Actually, hermetical still works, it's just unrelated to the rest of the paragraph. :P

  5. Sounds like your box is going to be the type used for the Doctor Who RPG, more or less.