Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Cover Art for LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing is Finished!

That's the cover artwork for the Magic booklet for the box set. The model is Karoliina Valli, her photo taken by Laura Jalo, scenery by NASA/STCSI, and Jesse Rothacher put it all together.

There's been talk lately about "How much do we need?" My answer, quite obviously, "At least one more." My future releases after the box will continue to be multi-game adventure modules just as the previous releases have been. The box will just be my little gauntlet-throwing: We aren't a "niche of a niche," we don't have to settle for crumbs and "it's good for what it is"quality. My goal is nothing less than to leave every purchaser awestruck when they open their box and go through all the stuff in it. Awestruck. And have a game that they can use as-is, with its own distinct flavor and atmosphere, or take apart to use piecemeal with their current old-school campaign.

More updates as they happen, work is continuing in all sectors of the project.

Some more slowly than others: As for the new version of the rules file, this sickness thing has kicked my butt. Sunday was a fine, if sniffly, workday, but yesterday and today I can barely keep my head up. The wife went to the doctor this morning and will be off work all week. Fun fun fun! Not to mention I totally goofed on what exactly was Open Game Content in a certain document so some things have to be redone taking such content from the correct document. Better to catch that now than after publication, but I have taken the previous file down and if anyone is, errr, dim enough to use OGC from a file labeled Version 0.02, I warn that it wasn't actually all open content in there. No wonder my head hurts.

For an added bonus, here is a picture I took of the chair that Laura and Karoliina used in their photo... it's on one of the busiest streets in downtown Helsinki, and it was snowing quite heavily when they did it (this pic taken at a different time, obviously):

Weirdos. :P


  1. Ooh, very nice! Looks like she's floating in a a sea of paint. Very striking. Good job to everyone involved!

  2. I hope you recover fully and quickly.

  3. Very nice looking cover. It will serve it's job well.

    BTW, nothing wrong with being a niche of a niche.

    It all has to do with knowing the limitations... and in your case, ignoring them completely ;)

    I'm in for one, possibly two copies, even if I have to house rule in some combat tables for the non-fighters ;)

  4. It is a great cover. :) Get well soon!

  5. I like it very much.