Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Notes and a Question

Finished up all the equipment list details today for the game. I still have things to do here and there to finish up the first full draft, and then before posting it I'm going to format it this time so it looks halfway presentable.

Any image manipulation wizards out there? I need some help putting the Spells and Magic cover together. I've got the photos from Laura and Karoliina but I'm not going to be the one to fix everything up right.

How about people who can do logos and that sort of thing?

(previous two items, I can pay, but not much)

I have a new layout program due in the mail any day now that I can't wait to play with. I hope it works well and that I can learn it well enough to use for all the upcoming releases - I'm sick of using ancient layout software.

Grinding Gear is sold out at Noble Knight. Print copies in the US are available at IPR though.

I'll be reprinting Death Frost Doom earlier than expected because I want to submit it for Ennie consideration... and it would be dumb to just have 6 printed up.

I put through the payment for 600 sets of dice today... and afterwards, someone asked why I didn't do 666 sets instead. A little too late to mention it... *sigh*

But this confirms my print run at 600 for sure now.

And I think I want to make them hand-numbered copies. But how to handle hand-numbered copies when there are so many earmarked for different people?

Here are the various groups that will be getting copies (I'll be keeping #1 for myself, thankyouverymuch):

  • My home group for playtesting through the rules
  • The Insect Shrine pre-orderers (and this will be my final make-good and I'll consider us even as this alone will retail for 3-4x what they paid, plus everything they've already gotten)
  • Comp copies for those directly involved like the artists and models
  • Contest winners
  • Vendors that order
  • Vendors that work on consignment
  • The retail distributor that is interested (can at least get me into a variety of webstores even if tits keeps me off of actual gamestore shelves)
  • The local Finnish chain(s?) that will get copies
  • Reviewers and publisher courtesy copies (there will be much less of these than usual, sorry)
  • People that pre-order direct from me when it's ready
  • People that order direct from me after it's on sale

So who should get what numbers? Back-numbering the freebies from #600-down seems wrong as that won't be the actual copy # sent out.

Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Me
  2. Artists and models and other contributor copies
  3. Insect Shrine pre-orders
  4. Direct pre-orders
  5. Initial vendor, store, and distributor orders that arrive before first shipment
  6. Consignment vendor shipment
  7. My group's copies
  8. Reviewer and publisher courtesy copies and contest winner copies
  9. ... and then after the first shipment, the numbers going out as orders arrive from whatever source.

Is that fair?


  1. I'm quite handy with digital image manipulation. As far as logos are concerned, that depends on what you're looking for. Send me an email if you'd like to discuss things more in depth.

  2. If you end up with a critical lack of graphic design or other publication resources, do let me know - might be able to help, depending on the schedule and the needs.