Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poverty is a Wonderful Thing

I'm not being sarcastic.

I just paid off the majority of my art costs last night. Had to pay off the American artists ASAP, before the work was done, because the euro is trending down down down.

I still have a fun chunk that I have to pay the Finnish-based artists, but that won't be until that work is done.

But I'm still swimming in really great/stupid ideas for artwork, with the knowledge that all I have to do is spread some bucks around and I can get pretty much what I want from pretty much who I want.

So thank goodness for not actually having a great big pile of cash sitting around, because impulse control has never been my strong point.

Still, for 48 hours I've had this idea of "A young King Arthur pulling Stormbr^H^H^H^H^H^H^H a black runesword from a stone to claim the throne of England." With a specific artist in mind who probably isn't very cheap.

So three cheers for poverty and its control on random ideas!

(or, "Fuck it, I'll send an email and get a price quote anyway.")


  1. Nice...that picture must be done...I can already see ole Artie pulling the black sword out of the stone, dark fire gleaming in his eyes and a mirthless smile on his lips!

  2. Constraints: font of all great art.

    +1 for the grimdark King Arthur pic. If you don't at least get a quote you'll gnaw at yourself wishing you had...

  3. The Arthur pic, does sound very cool!

  4. Stonehell did pretty well with donated art. I'd also be happy to just give ten bucks or so if you set up an art paypal.