Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The box cover: I'm still waiting on quotes from a few artists I've contacted, but I'm already sifting through the bids and galleries submitted. They're still flowing in (even one while I'm in the middle of typing this). I wrote on Sunday about some artists being delusional, but I have to tell you, the final decision is going to be painful. No matter who I choose, I'm going to wonder "What if...?" concerning a ton of other artists.

There are three other covers that need to be done for booklets inside the box, and I'm selecting artists and making offers there as well. The budget on those is but a fraction of what I'm spending for the box cover, since they really won't be nearly as important a promotion point. It would be really cool to spend top dollar for every illustration in here, but then I'd have to charge $100 for the game.

I haven't begun selecting or doing anything much concerning the interior illustrations. Laura will be doing at least some, hopefully a bunch, but there will be plenty of opportunity for others in there as well.

... and there are (cross fingers) a great many projects in the future, so I will be keeping all this artist information on file.

I have to say, choosing artists is a lot more enjoyable than trying to arrange a photo shoot singlehandedly.

I got box price quotes from the printer this morning. Scary isn't the word. I need to see what I can do about that. My local printer is outsourcing box-making, so maybe I shouldn't be using them as an agent to make boxes, mmm? I'm happy with their booklet work, and they'll be getting quite a lot of business from me concerning the inside of the box. We'll see.

And of course, writing continues. Having all the pretty wrapping won't mean a hill of beans without the actual content to fill it out, hmmm? Not to fear, hard at work!

And congrats to BHP on the success of their box set. You continue to give me hope that I won't just be sitting on hundreds of these things til the end of time... :D

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