Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year

2009 was my best year in recent memory; certainly since 1996. A solid relationship the entire year, didn't move the entire year, didn't worry about where I was going to live the entire time. Got busy again writing on a regular schedule, started a business, caught more than a couple cool shows and hitting music and movie festivals. I'm hoping 2010 is even better.

My only disappointments have been that I haven't gotten my weight under control (although my gamers might understand, seeing all those baked goodies she makes and that's just on game day!) and that I didn't have a good idea for Tools of the Trade III on New Year's Eve to follow up last year's. Actually, I did have one idea but it would have probably gotten me kicked off Blogger and ruined a lot of New Years parties: A recreation of the picture, with me bent over spreading my cheeks, and an illustration of a Carrion Crawler photoshopped in to make it look like it was crawling out my butt. Certainly would have "topped" last year, but sanity prevailed there. Except now in your mind's eye. :D

As for business:

My goal is 10 releases for 2010. We'll see about that.

2009's releases sold a total of just over 1000 copies, print and PDF combined. Over 400 of those were Green Devil Faces, which leaves 600 of the for-profit books... fully half of which were Death Frost Doom. As a whole, not pulling a profit yet, but I wasn't expecting to this early. That my first product has been the biggest success is a surprise, but I won't complain as I hope to sell hundreds of more DFD copies this year. Various schemes are in the works for the business.

My sales goal in 2010 is to average 300 copies of each new release, print and PDF combined. We'll see.

Later on today, maybe before midnight local time (5pm Eastern), I'll put up the working document of LotFP Weird Fantasy Role Playing and link it here. Character creation, spell lists, as well as some magic, adventuring, and combat rules will be in there. Regular updates will follow until it's done.

Lots of work to do. It will get done!

Good luck to all of you in 2010 as well. Life and gaming (as a hobby and as an industry) are what we make them. Steamroll obstacles, crush opposition, and rule your world... or die trying!


  1. As one of the more esteemed members of the OSR,
    I appreciate you posting your sales numbers

    Many members of the OSR are not forth coming with this data

    The OSR remains a niche within a niche ,
    I admire your passion for publication

  2. I predict that 2010 is the year that the OSR becomes its own niche, and not just a niche within a niche.

  3. just to avoid confusion . . .

    James is an esteemed member of the OSR
    who has caught the eye of Mike Mearls
    (future contract in the working?)

    I, Clovis am a novice publisher
    (one page in Fight ON),
    my real life is far more exciting . . .

    horses, guns, cars and fooling around ; - )

  4. James:
    I hope you meet your goals and I have no doubt that you will crush all opposition before you. Best of luck in 2010.