Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Box Shopping

Nothing of substance to report today, but I'm reporting it anyway.

I was down at the printer earlier to look at samples of the types of boxes they're able to do. There is the one-piece self-assembly box, and the two-piece box. The two-piece box is three times as expensive.

I imagined for some reason that the self-assembly box was a pastry box, the kind of flimsy thing you'd get your donuts in at Krispy Kreme, and that the two-piece box would be similar to what the old Mentzer box looked like.

no no no no

The two-piece box was one of those fine, THICK boxes that expensive jewelry companies emboss their logo into, but don't print on, when their wares come in them. I could have just a blank black box and you'd think you were getting a high-end, exclusive product. High end stuff and no wonder it's so expensive, especially if I was wanting to throw full color artwork on it. Luckily, not what I'm looking for.

The one piece box was solid. I could knock on it, it wasn't in the least bit wobbly. Sturdy, sturdy, sturdy. My panic about finding affordable boxes disappeared immediately upon handling it. Yeah, they're still pricey in full color, but not out of line pricey.

I'm back at full confidence in being able to blow you away in content and production values when the time comes.

Now back to getting that content done. I'm on the spell lists now. No Raise Dead, Reincarnation, or Resurrection. Dispel Magic and Protection from Evil will make those who like magic items unhappy, but further thoughts on how to not make MUs the final word need to be thunk if gear is de-emphasized. I'm also leaving the illusion spells til last, because really, I don't want the classic "How does that work?" ambiguity to be there.

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