Friday, January 8, 2010

Call for Artists


This box set thing just gets more involved. One thing is for sure - the cover must be spectacular. Not "good for old school," not "good for that sort of thing," but something that would look striking on a store shelf and would have the average person saying, "That's really frickin cool!"

I'm pursuing one option: A photograph. The Flame Princess battling a snake demon. I've got people I'm talking to, the costumes would be custom made... but I have my doubts on doing it this way. Mainly because the people I'm working with are offering no ideas or initiative, I feel I'm pulling the whole project myself, and that really sucks. With two models, a clothesmaker, a photographer, a digital manipulator (also one of the models), and a location to manage with this project, not to mention having to be the fashion designer, it would be a miracle to get anything done, let alone the amazing piece I need for the cover.

I'm not dropping the idea yet, but I do want to explore other options. Art instead of a photo. Anyone out there qualified and willing?

Full color, two figures in snowy woods, 1500s vibe. I don't want it to look stylized or particularly like a fantasy piece, although of course there will be fantastic elements to it. That Plan A is a photograph should tell you the feel I'm going for. I want this to look realistic, if not real-looking.

I have a budget, but not a huge one. Will need the art by the end of March.

Interested parties send their galleries/samples link (don't send large files to me directly) and their rates for a full color cover piece to

I'll also be needing a lot of other artwork over the coming months, but I don't have the details yet (and by the time I do, Laura won't have time to do the several dozen pieces I'd need). Lots of black and white and several color pieces that will not require such exacting standards. Send links and rates to the same address above, thanks!

Thank you.


  1. I just emailed you a suggestion. :)

  2. I got the notification of this reply but no other email...

  3. Okay... I cut + paste your MSN as your email. Duh. It's on it's way to your lotfp (dot) com account now. :)

  4. Ha! I'll race ya! Let's see who can siphon off all the art talent first!
    ; )

    (just joking of course, Jim...good luck getting your project out! we need more quality stuff on the market!)

  5. Old School recommendation - Why not get Erol Otus for the job? Joe Goodman could probably point him in your direction:)

  6. James, I must admit that I am glad you are considering NOT doing a photograph. Every photo that I have seen of a medievalish subject looks phony to me. We're all too stupid, fat, and contented to convincingly look like half-insane adventurers in a dangerously weird world.

    For the piece of art, I'd counsel that the two figures NOT be bad-asses looking tough. Instead, go for one of them struggling to support the other who grimaces in pain from his severe wounds (or something like that).

    Bad asses, dungeon studs, stylized stuff, demi-humans, etc. should all be out. Go for awesome, gritty, in-you-face realism that doesn't shy away from blood (but neither with exaggerated amounts). The drawing should look as photo-realistic as possible.

    And I'd go with both figures being male. Sexist? Perhaps, but I don't care.

  7. Actually, both are going to be female.

  8. Let me take a look at your rules so far.

  9. I have traveled here from the future to thank you for not sticking to the photograph idea.