Saturday, January 16, 2010

Open Game Table Nominations... and ominous review omens!

I had a couple articles go into the Open Game Table blog anthology last year.

The nominations for this years' book have been released, and I have seven posts nominated! See the full list here.

I've requested the one about Role Playing Mastery because so much of it is directly quoting Gygax, but otherwise I'm really hoping to get something in the final book again. It's fun to be nominated, and even more fun to be selected to be in print. :D

Also, it looks like another(!) Death Frost Doom review is brewing. Evidence here. Is it me, or with that preface is he preparing to hammer it?


  1. Somebody nominated my Top Ten Rings post? Man, that is just weird. Ripping off David Letterman and googling some images hardly makes for award-winning blogification.

    If I was a regular reader of that blog I would ask for my money back if Part 2 didn't absolutely cream DFD.

  2. @Jeff -- I'll make sure all your nominations get tanked. =D (jk!)

  3. @James--How can I be putting the finishing touches on the Death Frost Doom review, stop over here to research a reference I'm about to use, and find that you are already awaiting my review?

    And hammer it? Well, I suppose that depends. It will be up soon. And I'll be sending you an email shortly as well.