Monday, September 14, 2009

Now Accepting Submissions for Green Devil Face #4 - TARGA Benefit Issue!

Deadline: October 31.

This issue of Green Devil Face will be PDF-only, and all income from the issue will go directly to TARGA and their efforts to support traditional games and promote at conventions and game stores and such.

What makes for a good Green Devil Face submission?

Green Devil Face is a zine dedicated to presenting ready-to-use tricks, traps, rooms, and odd encounters which demand player interaction. Think to the original Green Devil Face trap: It was just there, sitting in the wall, and was no danger unless explorers actively did the wrong thing. Those who did not risk did not suffer. No "gotcha!" trap here. Things which entice PCs to interact and only then triggers (with the results being... anything! From the deadly to the humorous or even the advantageous).

So submit to Green Devil Face, get your work seen, and help out an organization working to spread the word about the games we all love.

Submit to Maps or illustrations necessary for your entry should be submitted as well.

We could also use a couple of donated pieces of black and white line art for the front and back covers, unless everyone's happy with my public domain art methods to this point. :)

So come on, people. Let's pack this issue!

And some disclaimers: All submissions must be original work and remain the property of the author to use in their own projects or do anything they darn well please with them. However, by submitting you do give permission for LotFP to reproduce the work in print and PDF.

For the record, I will not be making a print issue of GDF #4 or set up any sort of competition for the TARGA-benefit, but someday I might be compiling these things and I'd want to include it all.


  1. I'm a little sad that this won't see print. Am I the only one? I think I understand the reasoning, if "PDF only" means more profit and all profits go to TARGA. Nevertheless. :-( What about a slightly higher than usual priced print copy to compensate (hey, it'll become a collector's item one day, right?) or a print plus PDF option? Still, good on ya for what you're doing here...

  2. Assembling the individual GDF copies is a little bit of a hassle. I don't mind doing it, but when it comes time for GDF to go on sale, I don't want to be involved in the money part of this at all (not to mention if we're transferring around Paypal costs little chunks get taken out each time). And so someone at TARGA would have to receive the orders and assemble the copy to ship out. "Money to them, I fulfill the order" won't work because I am not going to eat the postage costs.

    ... or have a print run done, which involves upfront cost and risk, which might defeat the point for a fundraiser.

    So pdf-only, with the payment pointed to whoever is handling the funding for flyers etc over there, just seems like the hassle-free way to go.