Thursday, September 24, 2009

Insect Shrine Map Preview: The Halfling Mound

I'm working with Ramsey Dow for the Insect Shrine cartography. Only this one map has been completed so far, but I think we can safely say that amateur maps won't be a problem this time around.

This piece is a patch of dry land in the middle of a great bog, and on the piece of land is a mound surrounded by Stonehenge-like stones.

The mound, of course, has a mini-dungeon inside:


  1. Kindof a feeling of déjà-vu from this map.
    At least, it seems we didn't miss any secret door when we visited it.

  2. Very good. That's a big improvement over previous maps.

  3. I really like that map. A vast improvement over the others.

    In fact, I'm gonna steal that for Sunday's game. Players managed to wake the dead and escape from Death Frost Doom with their lives mostly in tact (though cursed to high hell and back). Now, they're gonna have to hunt down a way to turn back a horde of ghouls and zombies from the poor defenseless towns that they've endangered, or maybe just hightale it with whatever loot they can carry . . .

  4. Very cool. I much prefer black and white to blue and white, I have to say.