Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Death Frost Doom Actual Play Report

Here. It's not an RPG blog, either.

There's also an offer there for publishers: "(Anyway if any of you D&D people want to send me more modules to play I'll review 'em and post it here.)"


  1. Uhmm... so that's what happens to the girls that get into gaming? ;)

  2. Right on. I saw her and Alektra Blue in a scene together in some skin flick not so long ago.

    The good thing is, you now have a contact if you ever want a change of career in the future.

  3. Sleep was an inspired choice for her to put on at the 2/3 mark. Dopesmoker makes a great DnD score just on principle, but for Death Frost Doom? Perfectamente.