Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Visited the Printers

My hopes for publishing a generic old-school referee screen were dashed - they can do a quality piece of printing, but the per-unit price was what I was hoping final retail price would be. Doing a serious shop-around for printing what I thought would be a neat novelty item doesn't sound like my idea of a fun time, so I'm shelving this idea.

However... it looks like my box set plans for 2010 are feasible. Quality artwork (for both the box itself and all the individual booklets) will be expensive... and how to handle this being an OGL product (it's rules, not a scenario, you know?) while none of my other stuff is (and how my current marketing setup would be breaking OGL restrictions) will be tricky... but this is too delicious not to do.

I know we need another rules-set (or branded set of rules) like we need a hole in the head, but a beginner's boxed set, with tutorials, is something else entirely. The rules will just be OGL ripped from other sources, but it's the tutorials and intro adventures (and advice) sections that will be the hard work and the heart of the project.

But that's a way off yet.

Insect Shrine writing will be completed today, or perhaps tomorrow. However, looking at the enormity of this, playtesting this won't be a fast process. I'll announce playtest plans soon (you want to play, right?), but it is very possible that the next project (which has been run multiple times already but has not started any sort of production process beyond commissioning artwork) will be released first. I know that sounds like more delays but I'm not going to end the Insect Shrine story with "rushed to press."

So back to work...

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  1. I continue to admire your ambition, sir. That's a brilliant idea for a project. It boggles me why publishers haven't done this sort of thing.

    I'm certainly not the target audience for this set, but I'd pick it up.