Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Have the New Carcosa In My Hands... Sort Of

So the layout is more or less done except for some typographical adjustments and the art that needs to be dropped in.

I went to the local digital print shop (the people that printed everything for me up to the Grindhouse Edition/Vornheim releases) and had them do me up a perfectbound copy of the new Carcosa so I can see how everything looks and do another round of proofreading with an actual book. Thought you might like a sneak preview.

This mockup (with no cover art) is 282 pages, but that doesn't include two pages for the Fungoid Caverns map. The final book will be 288 pages (the 2008 edition was 96), with a good deal of added material such as the Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer adventure, an added encounter in every single hex, random encounter charts, plus other little things here and there.

so it might have a few blanks at the end. This one is made of regular copy paper whereas the final version will be hardcover with more robust paper inside.

Carcosa will be fancy with formal "front matter" in the book. The final book will be printed in 3 colors, but of course I just got a black and white mockup here. A lot of the page texturing (which will not be underneath the text) was left out of this version as well.

Here's a spread in the ritual section. The blobs at the top and bottom (with the GLE notation) are just placeholders for art, as is the off-kilter block on the bottom right. The art allocations are largely irregular like that throughout the book - will be interesting to see what all the final pieces look like.

Here is a spread from the monster section. As you can see, we've alphabetized the creature listings and put the stats with the descriptions. Also shown here are a couple of examples of creatures that have rituals associated with them, and how that ritual info is part of the creature listing.

Some of the hex descriptions here. I thought it was kind of neat how Eero Tuovinen (the layout guy) separated the labels, hexes, and separate encounters within the hexes from each other, and this is something that really benefits from having a few colors to play with in the book.

Oh, there's a new Carcosa blog out there called, fittingly, The Doomed World CARCOSA.


  1. Hey thanks for the shout. Looks very impressive. I really like the monster layout.

    Is Fetor of the Depths getting his rituals inserted? The 500lb. sloppy puke-colored toad is the first one I want to conjure.

  2. This carcosa project feels very Dim to me :)

  3. It's good you got Eero working with you. That guy does quality stuff.

  4. Did you use the Order of the Skull material in the end? I hadn't heard anything from Geoffrey.

  5. Was that the monk thing? We didn't use that because it would have been weird to have that as the only detailed social organization present.

  6. Fair enough. Geoffrey asked for a copy of what I'd written for the Carcosa companion various 'erbs on the ODD boards had put together. I didn't know what sort of directions he was intending to go when expanding the original material into a hardback.