Friday, July 29, 2011

Ropecon 2011... or, Old School North!

The first thing that became apparent is that I should have booked two tables. Having everything on one table means a lot of those books aren't getting their covers displayed, and no display = people aren't checking them out.

But I was being cheap, and the second table would have cost twice as much as the first (they want as many different vendors in there as possible), so here we are.

Still, it's a friggin treasure hoard for those that take the effort to see what's on the darn shelf. :D


  1. That is one awesome looking display table! I wish I had all those items on my book shelf.

  2. Very cool. I also notice the B/X Companion and Lesserton & Morr....and I'm hoping those will be appearing in your store after the con!

  3. Well done coordinating that James, looks fantastic.

  4. Good stuff!

    I assume if things get desperate you plan to break out the pink ostrich feathers to attract customers?

  5. Nice display - were I there, I'd be opening my wallet and purchasing!