Thursday, July 28, 2011

LotFP Webstore DOWN

Off to the post office, and taking the LotFP store down.

Can't get to the post office tomorrow (Ropecon load-in starts early), don't want any stock conflicts by taking online sales and selling things at the convention.

The store will be back up with loads of new items (barring mass sellouts which are extremely unlikely) on Tuesday.

If you happen to be in Finland this weekend, stop by my table at Ropecon. I'll be there all weekend and I've got a TON of stuff from a dozen different publishers...


  1. Hello Raggi.
    I put in an order about an hour before you took the site down. Will I still have my order sent out as normal or will I have to wait until after the con?

    I'm happy either way. I just need to know a rough timescale so I can let the folks at my delivery address know when to expect a package in the post.

    Have a good time at the con.

  2. All orders have been mailed. (I'm assuming you're #984?)

  3. Thanks Raggi. My order arrived today. Everything the reviews promised and more. Couldn't reply sooner due to connection issues and nightshift. Sorry for the delay.