Monday, July 11, 2011

I Play Weirdly

Roll up a low Charisma Cleric? I decide he is a Hopkinsish witchfinder, blunt and rude and insulting and walking around like King Shit expecting to be obeyed, which I figure would tend to make people not want to obey him.

Roll up a low Wisdom Fighter? I decide he is a young naive bumpkin who thinks this 50-population hamlet is a big city ("and I heard London is, like, twice as big as this place!") who is blunt because he's just not that well connected with other people. ("Your wife ran off with some stranger? That totally sucks, dude! I'd be pissed!" In a loud voice in the pub.)

Then there was the bit where two PCs followed another PC to a romantic rendezvous by the lake, because she wanted to show him the monster that had been rumored to live in that lake. The shenanigans of the two PCs hiding in the bushes while the other one got laid put to rest any rumors that LotFP was for mature gamers.

I just hope that the two people in the game who I've only ever had contact with while playing in this campaign realize I'm just coming up with personalities invented based on rolls.

Maybe when (not if...) this guy gets killed I'll roll up someone with at least average mental stats and I'll be able to play someone sane and sociable.

Actually, a Magic-User would be fun to play. 20 spells on that first level spell list and if someone doesn't roll Sleep or Magic Missile in their starting spells they seem to think they've been saddled with useless abilities. hmph. I was this close to removing Magic Missile and greatly downgrading Sleep as it is... Maybe for the Tormentor Edition (free Carcosa to the first person who names the reference) when I move another 1500 Grindhouses. :D

You know that saying this out loud means I'll be playing Ox Fawkes forever.


  1. I know the problem. Especially if you're a player, people may just think you are WEIIIRRRD if you play such zany types.

    Then again, you might think that an asset ;-)

    The WItchfinder type you describe is the favorite of a player in my games who recently emigrated to the other side of the world. Literally. From the Netherlands to New Zealand. He loved to play low charisma inquisitor like priests.

  2. Nice to see people playing their characters based on their stat's; find it increasingly rare in my games.

    And the only Tormentor reference I could find, with a bit of cheating Google searching, was to do with trading cards.

  3. I was thinking the reference must be to the Kreator song ('casting a spell, lord of all hells') but then I googled and found Slayer and GWAR have songs with the same title too so who knows.

    But anyway it's too bad that people nowadays so often think they need to think of a 'character concept' before rolling instead.

  4. I play in a similar style so I would consider it strange.

    Steel Tormentor?

  5. Wow, now i'm finding a bajillion metal links to 'tormentor' -- the guitarist for Gorgoroth; the Hungarian band, not to mention song titles and all that, e.g. Dimmu Borgir's Tormentor of christian souls. But that's Google talking. Prize should go to someone who actually got the reference on their own...

  6. All the metal talk is hot on the trail but not yet The Answer. :)

  7. I liked the Kreator song better than the Slayer one (although Tom does try his best to do a Halford impersonation at the end), but I'll have to plead ignorance on GWAR. There was a band of that name, apparently, but I'll have to admit to total ignorance of them, aside from the Dissection cover.

    Anyway, I'm guessing Jim's going to hit you with some obscure doom band from 1979.

  8. oh...unless he's talking about Bathory

  9. One last guess and I give up. :P

    LORD - Tormentor, Die by my Will

  10. Clearly, it's a Yu Gi Oh reference. Clearly.

  11. tormentor allegoria?

    I see tormentor was also briefly the name of the mexican band Shub niggurath...

    Or Wizzard -- tormentor (wimp reaper)?
    Someone already said witchmaster, right?

    Or are you referencing this:
    "...alright, no sleep then."--Tormentor

    As Casey Kasem, would say ... This is just ponderous, man.

  12. I bet The Iron Goat is right about Bathory. That would jibe with the Bathory vs. Tepes thing...

  13. Yeah, it's probably the stoner doom band Sleep from Tormentor Records.

  14. What I find amusing is the fact that whatever Jim playes, his character is the loudest, most obnoxious one, and for some reason the others STILL treat him like a figure of authority. Then again that might have something to do with the fact that the group is used to listening to Jim (as a referee), and also, Jim is the only one in the group speaking his native language.

  15. The characters that aren't the ones you want are the ones that never die. The only way to handle this is by specifically painting a mini to be that character. This kills them off almost instantly.

  16. Hungarian black metal band?


    the dude in Gorgoroth?

    Other then I am out of ideas

  17. Please tell me it's not WASP.
    (Although in all fairness Blackie Lawless turns out to be a much more interesting guy than I would have guessed)

  18. I'd have assumed a Severian reference?

  19. No winner here... as it turns out, the Tormentor reference is actually online here!