Thursday, July 21, 2011

The OSR Is More Prolific Than TSR: Ropecon Shipment Has Arrived!

Yes, it's the "I've gotten my shipments in for Ropecon," and "Let's see who's going to take offense this time..." time of year.

Over 50 titles arrived today, 300+ books in total.

Well over half the titles are new this year. And those are just the ones that publishers have released for sale and allow for wholesale rates... there is a whole ton of free releases and commercial items that aren't priced for resale. We are a bunch of maniacs...

I'm going to be a butthead and not make these arrivals available through the webstore until after Ropecon. Frankly it would be a major pain in the rear to do so and it would take forever when I'm going through this Carcosa layout and I can at least pretend that some of them can sell out at the con so I don't have to enter them into the system.

Although I am curious how business will be at Ropecon this year. I have a feeling the whole old school thing in general (and LotFP in particular?) has picked up a bit.

In today's packages were books from:

Frog God Games
Faster Monkey Games
Running Beagle Games
Expeditious Retreat Press
Pacesetter Games & Simulations
Die Cast Games
Goodman Games
North Wind Adventures
Planet Thirteen Games

Also current stock from Rogue Games and of course LotFP (I feel like I should rename my company LotFP Games after typing that list) will be at the con.

... plus hoping new stuff from Henchmen Abuse, Rogue Games, and Planet Thirteen Games shows up in time.

Ropecon happens July 29 - 31.

Frank Mentzer and Erik Mona are guests of honor this year, and I'll be on two panels with them. FEEL THE CELEBRITY RUB.

I will be shutting the webstore down 12:01am on the 28th and reopening after the convention.


  1. A title like "The OSR Is More Prolific Than TSR" is guaranteed to get the fanboys in a huff.

    All this time I though 'ropecon' had something to do with rope. Today I found out it is from the Finnish words for 'role playing.'

  2. I don't know if "more prolific" will set them off quite as much. After all, we can count and get an objective answer and the easy reply is "quantity isn't quality".

    Personally, I think the real thing to compare against isn't TSR but the entire hobby circa 1980 to 1985, or at least those doing D&Dish stuff.

  3. According to Lulu, ASE1 shipped on the 14th. So they've been floating around northern Europe for a week now.

  4. Did Lulu print and ship from the US or the UK or where?

    And now I'm wondering what the S is supposed to stand for...

  5. ASE1 arrived not two minutes ago. Had two different return addresses on it, strangely enough, one in the UK, one in Sweden.