Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Else is Out There?

In the back of the Referee book of Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, there is a list of other OSR type publishers and recommendations.

This section will have to be updated (the Swords & Wizardry situation has changed as well as a couple of other things).

Who should I include there that's not there now?


  1. My game will probably be a public beta fairly soon. I don't know your timeframe though. Nor my own, to be honest. Before years end, for sure. Exactly when it up for debate.

    My wife just went back to work and we are sharing more duties regarding our 2nd child. Damn kids, always getting in the way of my ambitions! :)

  2. Tombs & Terrors by Simon Washbourne?

  3. What has changed with Swords & Wizardry? Words like "situation" sound ominous.

  4. Nothing ominous, just that the game is being published through Frog God rather than Black Blade.

  5. Do you have Land of Nod stuff in there?
    Just checked out the site for the 1st time last night. Looks pretty cool.