Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Talk About the Artists

Lost in yesterday's hullabaloo was the artist announcement. Here's the list again, with links to their galleries. I know this includes some artists you guys really like and some artists you haven't heard of.

Check out their work, and then talk about them!

Rowena Aitken
Aeron Alfrey
Tomas Arfert
Dan Berger
Nicole Cardiff
Christina Casperson
Ernie Chan
Dean Clayton
Diana Davidsson
Jacqui Davis
Rick Hershey
Laura Jalo
Vince Locke
Peter Mullen
Russ Nicholson
Jason Rainville
Cynthia Sheppard
Amos Orion Sterns


  1. Damn, those other illustrators is GOOOOOD! I think i have to make a better gallery!

  2. Cool. I know Christina from hanging out with her at Cinema Wasteland and Maryland Deathfest. I dig her stuff. Definitely in line for the feel of the new edition, from the sounds of things.

  3. I discovered Casperson only quite recently... I got the new Dawnbringer album Nucleus and thought I had to chase that artist!

  4. Best ones:

    Nicole Cardiff: This one is truly an Artist. Very good.

    Vince Locke: Very nice personal style. I like his use of color.

    Peter Mullen: Reminds me of Otus. In a good way.

    Jason Rainville: Has sense of anatomy and uses photoshop well.

    Cynthia Sheppard: Just great.

    Worst ones:

    Rowena Aitken: Actually quite boring and typical photoshopping.

    Dean Clayton: I just don't like his style. I don't see him talented.

    Diana Davidsson: Typical average anime-style. 13 of these fit into dozen.

  5. To be clear, the Davidsson art I have is not her usual anime style.

  6. I like Rowena Aitken and Jacqui Davis and Rick Hershey.

    Peter Mullen's got a thing going on, very Otus-like. Really good. My fave.

    Russ Nicholson is classic of course. And Cynthia Sheppard is still wonderful.

  7. Wow.
    Excuse me while I mop up my drool.

  8. My favourites out of these are Vince Locke, Peter Mullen, and Ernie Chan. I don't much go for the Magic: The Gathering -style fantasy art some of these artists seem to do.

    I've never heard of Aeron Alfrey before, but damn. Very cool stuff.

  9. For LotFP RPG, Aeron Alfrey is my favorite. By coincidence, I'm reading Ligotti's Songs of a Dead Dreamer (with Aeron Alfrey's cover art) right now.

    For Carcosa, I especially like Peter Mullen and Russ Nicholson. Peter Mullen's illustration for "Y Is for Yellow" in the Dungeon Alphabet (p. 44) totally channels the Carcosa vibe.

  10. Hey James, have you seen Jonny Gray's work? Just saw him for the first time today.
    Thought you might like his B&W stuff.

  11. Russ Nicholson is one of my all-time favourite fantasy artists! Absolutely brilliant work.

    Pete Mullen is one of my favourite 'newer' artists. I love almost every picture by him that I see.

    I remember Ernie Chan's work for the old _Savage Sword of Conan_ series from Marvel. Good stuff, but not especially distinctive.

    I'll have to check out the other artists once I have more time.

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