Sunday, November 28, 2010


Whew. Visiting Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Cardiff, and London... now home.

Dragonmeet was cool. Met and bugged several people within the industry, including but not limited to Angus Abranson, Gregor Hutton, Chris Pramas, and Operation: Kenneth Hite had a successful Phase 1. Ask me in April or so if there will be a Phase 2 or 3. Was interviewed for I think Yog Radio. Met a lot of fans and hopefully new fans, and met a literally card-carrying member of the Gardening Society. (speaking of which, one of the members has created a Facebook page exclusively for the Gardening Society...)

Best thing about England? BOOKSTORES WITH OODLES OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE BOOKS! Ordering things online is OK if it's the only option but going to an actual store and buying things is better. The comment was made to me that I should look around to decide what I want in the physical bookstore and then buy it cheaper online... I don't consider that being a "smart consumer," I consider that being a skinflint prick., but I'm told I have archaic manners in such areas. Anyway, this is what I bought in England:

Conquistadors by Michael Wood
The English Civil War: A People's History by Diane Purkiss
Europe's Tragedy: A New History of the Thirty Years War by Peter H. Wilson
God's Executioner: Oliver Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland by Micheál Ó Siochrú
Inquisition: The Reign of Fear by Toby Green
The Mammoth Book of Horror Comics
Reformation: Europe's House Divided 1490 - 1700 by Diarmaid MacCulloch
Renaissance Florence on Five Florins a Day by Charles Fitzroy
Vlad the Impaler: Son of the Devil, Hero of the People by Gavin Baddeley and Paul Woods
A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay
Witchfinders: A Seventeenth-Century English Tragedy by Malcolm Gaskill

What else?


Oh, am I yelling? :D I did have a couple left from Dragonmeet but I came home and within the 300 or so emails I've accumulated over the week (about 35 real, the rest are Viagra spam) lo and behold... taken!

(Well, OK, I've got *my* personal play/convention display copy that I'll sell you for 500€)

Details about the next printing tomorrow.

Now to see if the VCR correctly recorded those two programs I wanted to see from last week...


  1. Weston-super-Mare? It's not among the top five places I'd visit on a trip here, but I hope you enjoyed it!

  2. I'll have to add Europe's Tragedy to my book list. I am currently reading C.V. Wedgewood's Thirty Years War and it's remarkable. It's had a definite impact on the politics I've been putting into my game world.

  3. Weston!?

    Well, if the next LOTFP product is set beside a filthy beach of rolling excrement-tipped waves while the party faces the malignant treat of dog mess and chip wrappers we know where that has come from!

  4. It was great meeting you at Dragonmeet and hearing your HOTT HOTT industry gossip (I'm the guy that's moving to LA). After boring you for a while I got my comeuppance by spending the afternoon in what I believe must be the dullest session of Traveller ever played.

  5. Well, Weston-Super-Mare is about as up market a seaside town as you could get here in the U.K. Visiting one in the midst of our less sunny climes is an experience though.

  6. Whew. Visiting Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Cardiff, and London...

    *cringes* The M4 corridor? Was it like a slum tour holiday or something?

    We do give good bookshop though.

    "I consider that being a skinflint prick."

    When in Rome. ;)