Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not Dead

Not dreaming, either. :P

Been busy, dealing with getting the materials together for the Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society mailouts (31 members who will hopefully be well amused by what they receive), dealing with the early 2011 releases, etc.

Funny that I thought I'd have a few more things out in 2010, but I needed to react to things that were happening instead of ignoring them in favor of established plans. Even with basically the releases clustered in July I still made a nice profit for the year. That's all being funneled into the 2011 releases, and the past little while I've been dealing with artists, layouts, printers, and generally preparing for the new year.

Zak is talking about the Vornheim book today, and he mentioned this:

Finished almost all the pictures and maps for the city kit, just gotta do the big city map that we're planning to print on the inside of the dustcover. We're (hopefully) doing all kinds of cute format things with this book to maximize the bang for your buck.

I'm using a printer that's been in business since 1890, and when I asked about having a double-sided dust jacket they looked at me like I was from Mars. Awesome. My intention as a publisher for this book is that it be impressive in content and impressive as an object, and things are developing well.

I'll be at Dragonmeet in a few weeks, and I hope to meet some of you.

And then after Dragonmeet I start scuttling all my potential plans with a big old school LotFP blog rant that's been building for awhile... but it's tied to product announcements that I'm not ready to talk about in public quite yet. Call it marketing through incitement if you'd like. I prefer to call it channeling my anger. :D


  1. James -

    We differ pretty strongly on matters RPG-related, much (nah, *most*) of the time, but for what it's worth, I'm pleased and impressed by how much you've accomplished over the last year or so, and I wish you the best of luck with this year's work.

    (I even picked up a Goodman RECG a few weeks ago at Pandemonium in Cambridge MA - not a bad tool in its way and the art is mostly rubbish, but the essay/rant at the end is nearly worth the price of admission on its own. Well-played!)

  2. Let me 2nd Wally. Though I don't differ from Jim by a huge margin, at least I don't think so