Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Living in Finland

So my wife logs on to the website of a bookstore here in Finland. She notes a couple books she wants.

We go to the store. The books are there. My wife picks them up and pages through them. But they are quite a bit more expensive. 19€ more at the store between the two.

No, they can't give us the online price at the store.

So we come home. My wife logs on to the bookstore's website. Orders the two books. Yes, 19€ less. She chooses the in-store pickup option. From the same store we were just at.

The books will be available for pickup in 2 - 3 business days.

In relevant news, I think I'm in negotiations for another Finnish convention appearance. And thinking of Germany more and more.


  1. It's not just Finland. I think the same thing happens with Waterstones in the UK.

  2. Yeah! Come to Germany! (Are we talking about moving here or coming to conventions?!?)

    Both would be cool!

  3. Convention. But I won't know if that's a smart thing to do until August. All depends on how the product launch goes. :D

  4. I guess the most appropriate German convention is Essener Spielertage, in October.

    "Facts and figures:
    With 152.000 visitors, hundreds of press, radio and TV journalists and 763 exhibitors from 31 nations, showing their products on a 44.100 square meters exhibition space (...)"


  5. Yeah, the "negotiations" are concerning Tracon. It's my schedule and that sort of thing that I'm worried about, it's not "negotiations" as in "and I want to be picked up in a limo, and all the brown M&Ms removed from the candy jar, or I walk, understand?"

    And that is indeed the German convention I'm looking at, but if my game is either a big hit or a total flop, it won't make any sense to go, so I have to wait and see about that.