Friday, June 4, 2010

It Has Begun

Three items that will appear in the box set have been submitted to the printer. They are very minor bits, but they are the first things on my end to be submitted for the game. (the dice and the pencils to appear in the set have been in my possession for some time)

The graphics file to create the LotFP banner for Ropecon was submitted at that same time.

The arrangements for the money to pay for all the printing for the box set was also finalized today.

This is happening. Now.

Several of the books to appear in the box aren't in such a state of completion though. The Referee book in particular is still in process. Four people had made extensive (and sometimes contradictory) notes about how to improve it, and to keep everything straight I attached all their comments to a single copy of the existing draft, and then went through to make my own comments. So I just read through that thing five damn times, and now I've got to do the actual revising based on all these notes. I expect that to take all of tonight and most of tomorrow.

Sunday I have the weekly game, and after that I'll finally (and late!) send new drafts to the editor types to go through. Might be the last round of revisions and editing before print.

Excellent work is being done on an official character sheet, and with luck both it and the box layout will be ready for print next week.

While everything is about three weeks behind the schedule I'd like, everything is still on a more than satisfactory schedule to get done on time.

(this doesn't mean that all you people doing work for me right now should kick back and take a break though. :P)

Honestly, the biggest concern right now is where we're going to put all this finished product in the apartment. We really don't have any space. :D


  1. I recommend taking a day off if you've just added the comments. You won't be tired, and won't miss something obviously wrong if you look at it with fresh eyes.

  2. I doubt you'll have a space issue long...I'm already planning on at least two copies. One for me and one as a 2015 Christmas gift for a friend's son when he's 12.

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