Thursday, June 10, 2010

Color Proofs Approved, Plus Madness

I was just down at the printer today to check the color on the box format and a few posters I'm having done up for internal purposes.

They look so damn good I shut up about it to the rep I deal with down there. I'm sure she hates me going on and on about things, but at least now I'm submitting actual work instead of just going over pricing and formats and other plans like I had been doing January - May. If everything looks as good in the final form as these prints did today, these are going to fly off the shelf.

I also took the opportunity to proofread the box copy again and since it was a to-size print I checked the size to make sure it can fit everything. The boxes are going to be finished and completed and delivered before any of the interior booklets...

In mind-boggling news (and also Reason #485347853 why my wife is the best ever), yesterday evening Maria informed me that she purchased a lottery ticket for this weekend's drawing. That was unusual, since we don't play the lottery. Her explanation? "It's the only way you'd get to make a movie."

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