Friday, October 30, 2009

RPG Pundit vs LotFP!

OK, not really. Makes for a catchy headline though. I did send him my stuff for review, and the Pundit certainly takes the time to go in-depth and deliver a thorough review no matter what his final judgment ends up being.

He didn't like Green Devil Face, and you can read that review here.

Hopefully we'll be seeing his reviews of Death Frost Doom, No Dignity in Death, and People of Pembrooktonshire soon.


  1. Hmm. Is it odd that everything he described as hateful I thought of as pretty cool? :)

    Good news: This is exactly the kind of review that makes sales spike, by the way, so congrats!

  2. I agree with Al. In fact, I just purchased the GDF bundle from RPGnow based on this review. I can't wait to finally read them.

  3. Jim, you tease, I saw that title on my blog roll and almost spilled my coffee. Then I get here and there are no flames to be had.

  4. I found a new cover blurb for Green Devil Face:

    "What the fuck was Mr.Raggi smoking?!" -- RPGPundit

    I have yet to buy the third volume, but I've got hard copies of the first two. Keep up the great work, guys.

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  6. Dang! I was expecting a steel cage match!

  7. I dunno. I thought he presented and explained his opinions pretty well. Agree or disagree, I can at least respect them, which I couldn't do for mindless "shit stirring."

    Maybe people get thrown by the fact that he cusses so piss shit fucking much? ;)

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  9. Pundit tends to dislike anyone who's "active" in what he sees as a group self-promotion calling itself the OSR. And he often reads that presumption into things.

    All told, though, at least he did a fairly decent job of describing why, as a reviewer, he did or didn't like something. That allows someone with different likes and dislikes to spot that one guy's negative review is actually a good review for what he wants.

    Nevertheless, he isn't someone I would have chosen as a reviewer. There's rather a lot of baggage being carried there.