Thursday, October 22, 2009

Death Frost Doom Second Printing, and new German Vendor


I picked up Death Frost Doom's second printing today. The map has been made clearer to address earlier complaints and some minor graphic design upgrades (including an ISBN! wooo!), but is otherwise identical to the first printing. If you bought Death Frost Doom for gaming, there is absolutely no need to buy again as all the art and text (barring a couple corrected typos, and lord knows what new ones) is identical to the original version.

Acaeum and other collecting types are encouraged to buy the same darn thing again because it's a new printing. :D You'll have to order direct because no vendors have them yet.

The first one that will have the second printing is Germany's Sphärenmeisters Spiele, who join LotFP's vendor family. Their first order, which is shipped today, might take a couple weeks as the order made by LudikBazar, which was shipped on October 12, hasn't arrived yet. Strange that packages shipped the same way reach the US in 7-9 days... *shrug*

I'll make an announcement and add the vendors to the website and the right column of the blog there when the packages arrive and the items are for sale. :)

I'm also today sending vendor solicitation packages to Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Singapore, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Austria, and Denmark.

Does anyone speak Greek or Hebrew that could help me out? I want to send samples to Greek and Israeli stores but can't read the addresses off their websites. :P


  1. To Sweden, indeed? I wasn't aware there was any game stores left in this country. Were?

  2. I know of two.

    Goblin Games in Gothenburg, but they don't seem to do mail order.

    I sent a promo package to the Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Stockholm. I've been there. Neat place. :) They have a gaming section upstairs (mostly boardgames admittedly, but several shelves of RPGS) and do mail-order.

  3. Oh! Yeah, you're right. I had forgotten Science Fiction Bokhandeln.

    Good news about Goblin Games! I'll have to visit them some day.