Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reminder: Tonight's LL Game (Plus Miscellaneous Stuff)

Remember to log onto Skype (and add me if you haven't) at about 6:45pm Eastern Time or so. We start at 7.

We've got one more slot if anyone's interested.

Also... I've changed the display of the Other Stuffies to Read so only the latest 25 blogs to be updated are visible. It was getting ridiculous with 75+ blogs, some that haven't been updated for months, taking up space on the side of the page. They're all still there if you click the 'show all' link, and this way I haven't actually deleted anyone.

Also, if you're on Facebook, I've added that 'networked blogs' widget at the bottom of the right hand side. *nudge nudge*


  1. How is the Skype thing working out? Do you roll dice on webcams, or use the honor system, or what? I have a player who might be moving away and we had thought about including him via skype. (Laptop at the table or somesuch)

  2. We use a Dragonsfoot chat room for die rolling.