Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Old School Renaissance" Category at Noble Knight Games

Right here. It can be found under the "Browse by Genre" menu item on the left side there.

Spread the word, will you? I talked late last year and earlier this year about us needing our own "IPR" type of central mail-order house. Noble Knight isn't exactly a small and specialized venue, but Aaron over there loves the old stuff (I found out via the Acaeum that he owns the original Otus cover artwork from Deities and Demigods!), and of course he's going to support and back an idea that gives his shop some focused attention and sales.

If you're publishing a project that fits (and to avoid dilution or confusion I do believe the things under this header will be material for 0e/"Basic"/1e and their clones), do contact Noble Knight to see if you can be carried as well.


  1. Cool. I sent him some copies of LL yesterday, so I'll remind him to list them in this category.

  2. Double cool... unlike The Distributor That Shall Not Be Named, Noble Knight uses actual shipping costs and offers a reasonable selection of shipping options to Canada

  3. Pretty cool, though I am not much of a fan of the tag "OSR".