Thursday, June 11, 2009

Green Devil Face Not On Sale!


One of the conditions of all this business establishment and grant paperwork I'm filling out is that "business activities are not to have begun before a decision has been given."

But Green Devil Face launched a couple months back. It's not a profit-seeking project (that would be scummy considering I ask for free contributions, although I will mention that for my trouble of hand-assembling 77 copies I have cleared enough money to cover the comp mailouts and have a diner lunch), but it is a product I sell for money, regardless of the margin, and that could monkey up the whole process. I'm not eliminating all traces of GDF's existence (all the previously written bits on the blog, and hell, this notice) and I've already explained the situation and shown copies of GDF to my caseworker, but I don't want some other office worker doing an internet search, seeing them on the site, and stamping DENIED on my grant application for it. If they reach this blog, then they can read more about what it actually is and at that point if it's still enough to screw up my applications, so be it, I'm guilty.

The June 30 deadline for submissions for the next issue is STILL VALID. I expect all this administrative stuff to be handled by then, and if not, it won't be long into July. Work on upcoming releases is not stopping - Death Frost Doom would literally be on sale tomorrow if I didn't have to wait on applications and paperwork, and No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides is shuttling along with artwork and graphic design progressing daily.

Just a note about all this business talk... when things launch, it's not going to be world-shattering or change the face of gaming. I don't have any delusions of making money hand over fist (my caseworker was... shocked?... when I laid out my business plan and expectations and I think he wondered why I'd bother). But I will sell some copies at least, a little money will be made, and I'd like to be official about it. Running an official business, even a tiny one, would sure look better on a residency renewal application than being caught running a business under the table, right? That there is a possibility for a startup grant... it's not a large amount of money at all, but it'll allow me to chase the dream and see what happens (and buy a proper paper cutter... and maybe book an ad in a place or two... and maybe print Insect Shrine's cover in full color)... so... damn right I'm going to try.

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