Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Olden Domain Campaign Background

Living in a decadent age is difficult for those who refuse to settle for a common life.

For hundreds of years, the Great Empire has ruled. And for hundreds of years, the frontiers have gotten pushed further back, more land transforms into quiet farmland or bustling commercial towns. The very same creatures that just a few generations ago made the people cower in fear are now believed to be nothing more than fictitious foolishness invented to frighten children. Magic fades as humanity imposes its reality on the world.

But still there are lands which are wild, dangerous, and free. Beyond the Barrier Mountains is such a land, known as The Olden Domain. The Great Empire never expanded into this land, and it remains wholly uncharted. Whether this was because of the petty wars it was constantly fighting on its far-off borders, or whether it feared the ancient pagan curses that legend tells were laid upon the land, no one knows. All that is certain is that a great fortress town sits at the mouth of the pass in the Barrier Mountains between the Great Empire and The Olden Domain, and no one dares enter the unknown.

The Olden Domain is a land that is said to be full of ancient ruins, great treasures, evil spirits, blasphemous monstrosities, magic, and sudden death.

The Olden Domain is also your only chance to not be doomed to the life of a farmer, or merchant, or beggar, or worse yet, a soldier fighting for the sake of some noble’s dreams of more land and riches.

Riches. Glory. Magic. Power.

Are you brave and clever enough to claim it?

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