Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Sunday's Game was Influenced by Mumbai Terrorists!

So when all that crap was happening in India, I was reading some weird news articles. This line in particular seemed interesting:

It is understood that some of the gunmen were carrying bags of almonds to eat during a long siege.

So there I was in the grocery store before the game Sunday, trying to figure out what snackies to get for the game.

I decided that if eating nuts was good enough to keep a bunch of freako terrorist nutcases going in deadly combat, then nuts could keep me going running a game for five people!

It worked! I didn't feel fatigued! Awesome!

But I forgot something. If I eat a lot of nuts, I get a terrible tummy ache later.

And absentmindedly popping a lot of nuts while running a game is a given, right?

So that night (luckily after the game had ended) I had some awful stomach pains and monstrously loud and smelly flabby-flabby woof-woofs. Weapons of gas destruction, those were.

Damn you terrorists!


  1. Not to mention nuts are high in fat, and hence fattening around the waistline. If eaten in moderation like just one handful is okay.

  2. Heya James, I tapped you for a Superior Scribbler Award.


    This means you gotta post more now. Please?

  3. Posting should become more frequent. For the past several weeks, I've been spending almost all my time (I was only "home" 3 days the first 15 days of December) with my girlfriend... and it was decided that it makes more sense for me to move in and pay rent here than do that someplace where I never am.

    The girlfriend didn't have a computer. Now mine is here and the net is connected. :D

    We have to unpack everything first, and blah blah blah, but yeah, far more frequent posting ahead.

    And thanks for the Superior Scribbler thing. :D

  4. Many years ago, a gaming buddy of mine (and a roommate at the time) showed up to a game session around noon with a two pound bag of shelled pistachios. By about 4:00, he had polished off almost the entire bag. By around 5:00, he wasn't feeling so well, and claimed he felt "really slow".

    Beware an excess of shelled pistachios, people.