Monday, December 22, 2008

Logo and Font Testing... Your Input Please

... I threw this together as the start of an idea for a new header for this blog... what do you think? What would work for a slogan/tagline?

... and my upcoming sandbox/megadungeon/West Marches thing will be called The Olden Domain... hear are some fonts I'm thinking of using for the flyers. Which do you like best?


  1. The new header looks like a poster for a circus or a wild west Wanted: poster. None of the flyer fonts are particularly readable (and #5 is an awful, trendy font among bad heavy metal graphic artists) but #1 is the best combination of "readable" and "thematically obvious."

  2. The header evokes a feel from the 1E books, at least that I recall - and with my memory these days, I might be telling you something WTH off.

    I like #1 the best, although 7 evokes a whimsical feeling, so I guess it depends on what you're shooting for. I don't have any real likes/dislikes for the other ones.

    What works for a tagline:
    * OD&D - the way it should MF'in' be!
    * MY OD&D writings - read or DIE!
    * Flame Princessing OD&D since the 1970s

  3. I don't mind the title font myself, but I would point out that the World of Thool blog uses the same font. Perhaps use it, but play with it in photoshop a little?

  4. I know the LotFP thing is in the Ye Olde TSR Title Font, but the logo you have now is clean and pleasant to look at, so why change it?

    Not fond of any of the fonts for the Olden Domain thing, to be honest, none are particularly readable and will probably contrast a bit too much with the body font, which I assume will be Times (New Roman) or something like that. The font used on the relevant Borknagar album isn't unpleasant, you should think more along those lines I think.
    If you must go with one of the existing examples, #1 is probably the least worst.

    I don't know about your tagline, but I remember reading some Dragonsfoot (?) thread where Kellri had a go at you by asking whether your upcoming module would be 'a real Hessian blood orgy' or something like that. That could work.

  5. Keep your current header. I don't care for the proposed replacement.

    For fliers, #8 is easily the best. #6 is a distant second. I don't like the others.

  6. Nothing wrong with your current font. "Don't fix which ain't broke".

    #1 is the most readable. The rest are horrible.

  7. I guess I should clarify that the weird font for the flyer would just be for a header graphic and not for actual text.

  8. The more I look at it, the more #8 seems like the clear choice. It is so METAL.

  9. Header: yes. It looks good.
    Possible tagline: "Old-school Rants and Thinkbits Fresh from Kalevala-land."

    Olden Domain font, just go with something nice and legible like Copperplate Gothic.

  10. I like 6 and 7, but 6 probably just edges it because of it's cool Planescapeyness!


  11. The first header looks terrible. I agree with the first poster that it looks like something from a circus. The others are just ok.

  12. Yeah, I gotta go with the rest that your original Header is just fine. It's so damn sturdy and straight forward in appearence, it complements the no BS style of posting that brings me here in the first place.

    For the flyer #1 does look nice, but so did James Mishler's suggestion. I'd give it a good look.

  13. I concur that the current logo on the blog here is more elegant than the proposed one. But I still like the new one. And I really want #8 to work but simple legibility demands #1. Also, I am totally using Black Castle for some future project. Thanks, Mish!