Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fair Warning

I am in a mood.

On Monday, it was decided that I was moving in with my girlfriend.

For the past several days, I've been moving.

This means several things:

I've gotten an internet connection here. There wasn't before, which was why blogging has been sporadic lately, as I haven't been anywhere I could post. So there should be regular content rather than every few days.

Tools of the Trade II should come along very soon. I still haven't assembled and put away my office space yet, but a sneak text preview: Custom game box, handmade velvet and silk dice bags, and more graph paper than you can shake a megadungeon at.

I've been moving. I have a lot of books. I'm a bit pissy from carrying around so many books. I have two articles that will be put up today (one here, one on the metal blog). I've been preparing them all morning... just not in writing. At the grocery store it was noted that I was pacing around... a sign that I'm preparing articles in my head. A warning... my byline should be Ranty McRanterson for these things. The RPG blog will be a follow-up to the D&D films post, and the metal one will be about the Cynic/The Ocean show I saw on Monday night.

Prepare for bile by the end of the day. And I've got the belly for a quite a lot of bile.

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