Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two new reviews for the Creature Generator

Grognardia here.

An ENWorld review here.


  1. that guy at en world is a pompous ass

  2. Pretty much everything the ENWorld reviewer regarded as a flaw I regard as a feature. The Random Esoteric Creature Generator is damn close to perfect.

  3. The ENWorld review...

    I really disagree that the Putting It All Together stuff isn't "game material." It's all directly applicable to game play.

    And as far as the length of time it takes to create a creature... OK, it may take an excessive amount of time if the creature being created has a lot of hit dice and therefore a bunch of special abilities... and I suppose I'll be faster with the creature creation method that I created... but 15 minutes for one monster? Get out of town!

  4. 15 minutes for one monster? Get out of town!

    My gut is telling me that if you notice how long it takes to roll up a random monster than it isn't going to be your sort of book at all.

  5. How fast does he want it to go?

    Maybe it's just me, but 15-30 minutes sounds like a really short amount of time to create a strange and wonderful creature. Especially if it's going to be a centerpiece for a disturbing encounter!

    (But BTW the review was pretty measured for someone who was predisposed to dislike old school approaches.)

  6. >>How fast does he want it to go?

    I've used the Generator to make a creature or two while my players are sitting around discussing what to do next. It doesn't take all that long at all.