Saturday, November 8, 2008

Readers! Talk to me!


I listen to my readers when it comes to the format of this blog, so...

I'm curious to know how useful you find the stuff on the column to the right. Or, what order do you think it should be in?

My thoughts on each of the elements:

Best of LotFP: RPG Blog. I want this here, just because I don't know if so many people really browse through to catch really good old posts. I select what's here based on how many comments an article generates as well as the plugs to my available (or soon to be) projects. Any comments on this?

About Me. I guess it's only fair to let people know a little bit about who's writing all this stuff.

Links of Traditional Interest. Does anybody use these? One single person? Let me know. I'm horrible at updating them mostly because working on something that I'm not sure is being used... not a priority, you know?

Blog Archive. I'd think it has to be here (I use this feature all the time on other blogs), but should it be further up or down the list?

My Blog List. This is my primary method of discovering when other blogs have been updated so it's not going away... but do any of you guys use it? Should it be further up the screen?

Then there's all the "keep track of meeeee" wankery at the bottom, and I figure that's where it'll stay.

Any other "blog features" you figure should be in there?


  1. Your links of interest has been very helpful for me to find new things. I've been using your list of blogs as a meta way to keep up with things. One day I'll set up my own blog and have a list for the same purpose.

    I think the layout is fine. Though maybe put links below blogs of interest, since the links interest is fairly long and it would be nicer to not have to scroll down as far to see the updated blogs. But I'm not going to bitch.

  2. Since I read the blog via RSS, I don’t get to see these things. Dropping in to look, I have to say that the Links of Traditional Interest is nicely done and useful.

  3. I think its fine. The Links of Traditional Interest are very handy indeed! The only fault I can see is not having my awesome blog on your blogroll. :P

  4. The "other stuffies to read" is great. Saves me wasting time checking those forums to see if there is something new. Much appreciated for the feature James.

  5. other stuffies to read
    saves me a lot of suffering;

    therefore, you blog is the ONLY rpg blog on my 'favorites' list

  6. I like the picture.

    Some reason seeing what the author looks like makes me more interested in what they have to say. Can relate better / can pretend it's more of a conversation with dude met at bus stop or something.

  7. I think it's all useful. Different people have different set ups...and that says something in and of itself. It's also really interesting to see what people find important. Each of us surface all sorts of different links because they're of differing importance. That's cool.

    Keep your set up, or not, it doesn't matter all that much to me, I'm here for the content. ;-)