Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Esoteric Creature Generator... IS OUT!

Noble Knight lists it as In Stock... and that's cool. Noble Knight rules. It's my usual go-to store for RPG items... they're quick, don't overcharge for shipping, and they pack everything very adequately. Sometimes I think it's overkill, but nothing I've ever ordered from them has arrived damaged (and that's an overseas shipment) so what do I know?

FRP Games also lists it in stock (I've used them a time or two as well and have received great service).

Amazon lists it as a December 3 release, for those of you with Super Saver Shipping cravings.

So buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy! :D

(and now I get to hover around my PO Box awaiting my author copies... oh the torture)

... and do drop me a line when you start to see it in your local stores, mmmkay?

(it's funny... when I got the offer from Goodman Games to release a retail version, I was pretty, ahh, casual with the whole thing. "Bah, I've been putting my own name in print for a decade!" I thought. But you know... it's damn cool to go to Amazon and see "your name" next to "Author:" heehee)

Update: Goodman Games has it available in their store as well!


  1. Congrats! I'll have to put it on my Christmas list. I'm curious to see what changes there are from the original!

  2. Funny you mention this (well, since you ARE the author maybe not "funny" as in Ha Ha but...), my FLGS owner mentioned this day before yesterday. I had purchased "Points of Light" from him and we had chatted about my old skool proclivities. I think it's cool that he's keyed in on this release. A sign of things to come perhaps? (one can only hope)

    Anyway, kudos and congrats are in order. Rock on.