Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello. My name is ddduuurrrrr...

So I just moved all my stuff out of storage into the place I'm currently staying, but it's not a permanent residence so it stays in boxes.

When I got everything here, I rearranged stuff so it fits into less boxes.

In a box I found a copy of the RPG I wrote in 2003-4. It was a copy of the manuscript I sent out to about 20 playtesters worldwide. This was before I thought to just play old D&D like I really wanted to.

For some reason, that's the only copy of those rules that I own. I don't have a copy on my computer. I don't think I have more than that one hardcopy. It's just this one... and whatever copies the playtesters didn't throw out... which can't be many, since only three of them even so much as acknowledged receiving it.

Of interest was the GM and Players Responsibilities pages, which really showed where I have and have not changed gaming-wise over the past few years.

So after I'd organized this room a bit, I was going to sit down, scan a few pages, and post them as a truly fascinating and remarkable blog entry.

But I can't find it. I do believe I've re-packed it somewhere in this pile of a dozen and a half boxes to my right.

duurr dduuuu duuurrrrr...

And no, I haven't gotten any further with that "D&D as horror game" thing I had started. Didn't you know it was doomed from the start when I told you when it would be done? Actually, between this moving thing and the Super Secret Project I'll be unveiling at [specific time deleted] that I haven't had time to work on either because of the moving thing, it is now a *poof* of a project.

How's that for some quality blogging?


  1. I've got something like that. A PBM game I ran back in the late 80's, and did up a passel of rulebooks for, advertised in magazines, even made a bit of money on it while in college. "Sail the Solar Winds" it was called.

    Today I have precisely two hard copies of the rulebooks.

  2. Jim, I almost certainly have a soft copy on one of my machines. I'll look for it, but you should remind me about it!