Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and Their Modern Simulacra

Looks like I jumped the gun as far as making it unavailable. It's available again directly from me, a kick-ass, uncensored, personally signed, shipped-the-next day creature generator. After I really do have to withdraw it for sale because of the retail version coming out under another publisher, maybe this will be a collector's item like those damn Daystar West publications since it only has a print run of 200. But probably not. Buy it because it's useful!

Sample creatures created using this generator are found here. Design notes and discussion of the artwork here and here.

It's only 4,50€ (or about $7, give or take, according to today's exchange rates - Paypal will automatically do the conversion for you), including the print version, a pdf version emailed to you when I get your order (as long as you specify which email address to send it to!), with no extra mailing or shipping charge.

It's been reviewed by Grognardia and there's a review on, and one of the people who bought it told me it was "probably the best value for the money I've gotten in a gaming product for quite some time."

Buy it here.

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